Chris Blackwell

Chris Blackwell at a press conference at the Bob Marley museum discussing the fate of the Marley estate. (1992)

Chris Blackwell, Rita Marley and other members of the Marley family held a press conference to discuss the Marley estate. This is when MCA was trying to buy the Marley catalog in the early 90’s. At the press conference they were discussing how Blackwell’s company, Island Logic Ltd., was putting up the money ($11.5 million) to keep the catalog in the Marley family. Also discussed was how money from Bob’s estate would be dispersed to Bob’s 11 (legally recognized at the time) children and what would be done with music catalog. Island would manage it for the next 10 years before it would return to the Marley family. It was a really interesting and informative press briefing for sure.

In an ironic twist, the same day the Jamaican Supreme Court sided with the Marley family, Ziggy Marley’s daughter was born, her name, “Justice”.

I had met Chris Blackwell a few times and he is an interesting person to say the least, for someone with his immense wealth his casual attire is also what caught my eye. When my book Reggae Island first came out one of the first places I dropped off a copy was at his office, his assistant commented that this was the same he started out, selling records out of the trunk of his car, the same thing I was doing with my book at the time. But perhaps the big difference was that I knew I would never become a multimillionaire from my book.


2 comments on “Chris Blackwell”

  1. Hi Brian,
    amazing pictures, you obviously have a real love for the music and people of Jamaica. I am currently sourcing archive photos for a planned reggae book project, please get in touch to discuss possibilities.

    With thanks,
    Adam, UK

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