Country Deejay

Sound system deejay in the country. (1992)

This was at around seven in the morning, the sound system had played all night. I forget who this deejay was but he was doing great a great job with the mic in one hand and a Dragon Stout and a spliff in the other. The session in St. Catherine went on for two days. Joseph Hill had invited me to go up into the country where he was bringing his sound system, Chanel 7 to hold a session at one of his relatives places. Up in that part of the country I didn’t see many houses around but people were walking for miles to come eat some food, drink some beers and listen to some reggae music, at full volume of course.

I remember at night the mosquitoes were so bad I felt like I could almost feel the blood draining from my body. To keep the vampire bugs away you would build a very small fire out of semi dried green leaves, this created a thick smoke. Then you stood with the small pile of smoldering leaves between your legs, the smoke trailing up your body. It seemed to work but of course now you smelled like burnt green leaves. The music went on non-stop, 24/7 for two days, only stopping when the generator needed more gas.

Perhaps the best part was just being able to hang out and talk with the, “country people ” as they’re called. They were some of the most generous and nicest people I’ve met. It was pure niceness.


2 comments on “Country Deejay”

  1. Love this photo. I once did a flyer of it for a local sound system (having scanned it from your book Reggae Island).

  2. Thanks for posting this picture. Classic!
    The vibes of a quality sound system dance can never be dubplicated, only experienced.

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