Earl “Chinna” Smith At Bunny Lee’s Studio

Reggae guitar legend Chinna Smith lays down some tracks at Bunny “Striker” Lee’s studio in Duhaney Park, Kingston.

This has always been one of my favorite photos. It’s from a session Chinna did for Steve Barrow that also featured Sly & Robbie and Glady Anderson. The music was some incredible instrumental stuff. Listening in the studio I kept thinking to my self, man this is great music and can’t wait till it comes out. As of this day it has never been released and no one seems to know what happened to it. Chinna has no idea, Sly & Robbie have no idea, Bunny Lee has no idea and I have heard nothing from Steve Barrow about it. Makes you wonder. As far as I know it only exists on my micro cassette that I had running for a few songs during the overdub sessions, which is poor quality.

This image was taken in 1992 and was used on the Japanese CD import, “High Times Sound Of 90’s”, it also appears on Chinna’s website and in various magazine articles. If anyone out there knows anything about this recording or has any related info please let me know.


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