General Trees

The 80’s fast chatting deejay, General Trees outside Scorpio studio in Kingston 1997.

This photo was another one of those times when pictures just happen. I was at Scorpio studio and had gone outside to photograph some deejay across the street by the snack shop. After taking a few shots I hung out a bit outside and drank a beer before heading back into the studio complex. As I approached the gate to go back in this bredrin comes up to me and says “Do you know who I am”, I hesitated to see if I recognized him from somewhere, I didn’t, so I replied, “No, sorry I don’t”, he then says to me “I’m General Trees, the deejay, yeah mon, yu know me”? I said, ” Ah…Yes-I, nuff respect”, telling him that yes I did indeed know who he was. We talked for a few minutes then he asked me to take his picture. This kind of thing happened more often than one would think. You just never know where the next photo will come from.

General Trees is still active today doing shows and recording. Some of his hits were: “Mini Bus”, “Gone To Negril”, “Calling All Higgler”, “Coke pipe”, “Ghost Rider”, “Ready Fi Dem”, Everything So So” and more.

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