Deejay Fisher Dread

Deejay Fisher Dread relaxes with a beer and a spliff at Black Scorpio studio in Kingston. (1992)

Fisherman was another deejay I used to see around the studios all the time. When this photo was taken he was doing pretty well for himself with a deejay part on the Ziggy Marley single “Stop Joke”. I interviewed him for the first version of my book Reggae Island. He said this about reggae music: “When your lyrics a no say somethin’, make some move and say somethin’ man. Show some motion. Get to amazin’ them. That’s mi desire, man, a fi go up on stage and make people feel nice”. And about his connection to music, “Come from the blood seen?”, saying General Trees was his nephew “Mi big sister son, General Trees, yeah. A blood thing that run through the vein, from the root a come up, yeah”. Today he’s living in New Jersey and is still making music.

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