Police Commissioner, Trevor McMillian

With some of the recent violence that’s been flaring up in Kingston I thought I would post this image. This is a picture of then Police Commissioner Trevor McMillan in his office in Kingston in 1994, this was for an article in Vibe magazine. Back then he was one of the key people behind the noise ordinance laws and also tried to go after deejays for their lyrical “slackness” or use of profane language. He went as far as threatening to arrest any deejay who used profane language on stage, and a few were actually arrested. Here he sits behind his desk,  what you can barely read is the headline of the newspaper in front of him, it says, “Gunmen Attack at McMillan’s Home”. Early in the morning while leaving his home to go to work apparently 6 gunman were waiting outside to gun him down but they were all killed in a gun battle with security forces, McMillan was not injured and went on to work. After that I was sort of surprised they agreed to my photo requests. I arrived at Police headquarters and was led into his office, I introduced myself and looked around for the best spot do his photo, I just told him just to stay at his desk since I knew I didn’t have much time. I think it was my shortest photo shoot ever, no more than 2 minutes, maybe even less, I shot 6 frames before he said “OK we are done?”, I could see there was a lot of activity going on, assassination attempt and all, so I thanked him for his time and left. The funniest part of this was when they called me back in the morning for confirmation that I was coming over. The phone rings and Kudjoe answers the phone with a loud “RASTAFARI!” (his usual greeting on the phone) “Briaaan, it’s the Commissioner’s office for you”, to which someone in the house responded  “Whoa my bwoy big nuh”, I got a good laugh. I always wondered what the woman on the other end of the phone thought of the greeting. In 2009 McMillan was Jamaica’s Minister of National Security.


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