Freddie McGregor Backstage

Reggae vocal legend Freddie McGregor waiting to go on stage at Wetlands in New York City. (1990)

The club/activist center no longer exist today, it closed it’s doors in 2001, forced to close days pre-maturely because of the attacks on 9/11. It’s now an upscale home furnishings store.

When it opened Wetlands was on the forefront of the Jam band scene, hosting such bands like, Phish, Blues Traveler, Dave Matthews Band, to name a few.  Not just a jam venue at Wetlands all genres of music were played, bands such as Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, Sublime and Oasis all had their first NYC gigs there. It was also one of the cities great place to see reggae shows, the layout was not the best to view a show, so you had to be close up front.

The backstage areas were cool, different rooms downstairs, this one is spray painted with multi-colored graffiti, as was most of the club. I used to get some great shots backstage, Shinehead, Mikey Dread, Culture and more. This was taken in the early 1990’s sometime, am not sure exactly when. I do remember Wetlands was an amazing place to see someone like Freddie perform and give an intimate performance, the show was awesome.

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