Me At Black Scorpio Studio

This is another shot from Scorpio studio this time with a rare self-portrait of me, with long hair or “tall” hair as they say in Jamaica. On average, once a week someone would always ask, “why yu har so tall?” In early 1992 I was at a session for producer Jah Screw (wearing X hat) and took this shot in the studio. He’s an interesting guy and produced with some classic artist back in the 80’s & 90’s, people like Barrington Levy, Rankin Joe, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs and Tristan Palmer are just a few. I interviewed him for my book Reggae Island and he had some very insightful things to say about the music biz and it’s workings. The time when this photo was taken he was again working with Barrington Levy producing the chart topping CD Turning Point, which included the hits, Don’t Throw It All Away and Dancehall Rock featuring Cutty Ranks.

At times it can be pretty interesting being in the studio when the music is being made but the process can also be long and tedious, building rhythms, tweaking the music to get that right sound and then pairing the right singer or deejay for the final cut. The worst part comes about after about 20 minutes, this is when you’ve heard the song over and over and over dozens of times already, even if it’s a great song sometimes you never want to hear it again. But then on the upside it is kind of cool hearing the song on the radio and saying , I remember that !

2 comments on “Me At Black Scorpio Studio”

  1. Thanks for sharing Brian! Nuff respect from the Black Scorpio family.

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