Boat From Lime Cay

Shot in the boat on the way back to Port Royal from Lime Cay. I used to love to go out to Lime Cay, still do when I get the chance. Back in the late 80’s the place was still pretty quiet, you could get a boat to go out there and you would feel like “Ivan” from the movie The Harder They Come, hiding out, you were the only one there, and on  weekend there was maybe one or two other boats. Today it’s quite different, on the weekend dozens of boats are lined up, anchored to the shore, there is a roast fish stand/restaurant that had recently been built, beer vendors walking around, now it’s even hard to find a good spot on the sand unless you get out there early enough. So many people were going out that the government was worried about sewage issues, there are no bathrooms. Below are some notes related to this picture the day we went out to Lime Cay.

12/9/98 – (Hot, Sunny) Got up around 9 and read the paper and had some Blue Mountain coffee. I was getting ready to eat my bowl of Carlton’s porridge when Tex and his bredrin, Jimbo from Amsterdam stopped by. We’re going out to Lime Cay I guess, gathered some things then went along, no shower, no breakfast. On the way we stopped by the base in New Kingston and picked up Tony. We got out to Port Royal about noon, just as the boat was pulling out. Was a beautiful day to go out there, has been a few years. We drank a beer while we found another boat to take us out. When we reached the Cay there was over a dozen boats there, small boats, big sail boats, all kinds. I only had a few hours to be there since I was supposed to go over to the Bob Marley Museum later in the afternoon. We drank a few Red Stripes and had some good Alaska, turned out to be breakfast & lunch. Jimbo, Tex’s good friend, has lived in Amsterdam for several years now and is running his own coffee shop, Coffee Jamaica. He is the only Jamaican licensed to sell herb he says, a fact he likes to tell most of the police we encountered. (I have since visited him several times at his shop, some of my photos even hung on the walls, he sold it a few years back to one of the larger Coffee Shops) Our boat came about 2:30 and we took it to Port Royal and then caught the ferry-boat to downtown Kingston and got a cab back home, got some great shots. Got back about 4 and Carlton had my porridge waiting for me, was delicious as usual, thanks Carly! I called (Augustus) Pablo and he said we could shoot the pics for his CD cover tomorrow up at his place in the country, he said he knew about the chalice pictures (this would take 4 more days to happen) Am still waiting to go up to the museum. Finally made it to the museum about 8:30, by now the people who Warren (Smith) needed to see had long gone. I did end up running into Bunny Wailer hanging out leaning against the hood of his Lexus at the side of the museum . I greeted him telling him it had been a while since I had seen him last, to which Jah B replied “Glad to see you still debout di place still keeping the people informed” He gave me some literature and told me about a project he was working on to help farmers, he was doing a show over at the agricultural center to raise some money… Yes Iya, and we were off, went home and ended up watching some stupid Bill Murray move on the TV. Watching American TV in Jamaica is always a trip for some reason.

Anyone in Amsterdam who knows where Jimbo is today, let me know.

2 comments on “Boat From Lime Cay”

  1. Still looking for Jimbo? You can contact me by e-mail and i’ll link you up with him.

  2. Yes I’m still looking for him, has been a while now.

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