Deejay Tiger

Deejay Tiger driving his Mercedes in Kingston.

This picture was shot in 1992 when we were on our way to shoot some pictures in Hope Gardens in Kingston. Tiger was probably at his peak around this time, he had conquered his cocaine addiction and was “Prince of the Dancehall” with three #1 hits on the charts, including, No Wanga Gut, Come Back To Me and When, he was doing well at all the festivals playing to huge crowds . A few years later in 1994 all this would end when he crashed his Ninja motorcycle which almost killed him but left him with permanent slightly slurred speech.  In an interview with the Gleaner he was optimistic about his accident and the lessons it had taught him, “The accident never really stop mi, it only pause mi. It was for a worthy cause so I could learn who my true friends were.” He said he was not intending a comeback but he did appear on several shows in late 2000 including Sting in 09. He has since popped up on more shows in 2010 including Rebel Salute and the “Reeewind And Come Again” show at Club Amazura in Jamaica , NY with fellow dancehall icons Shabba Ranks Admiral Baily, Brigadier Jerry, Barrington Levy, Rankin Joe and Frankie Paul. Tiger last show in the NY area was 16 years ago in Central Park, his accident happened a month or so after that show.


One comment on “Deejay Tiger”

  1. A rare and off-the-wall talent, and a genuinely nice guy too. Nice pic also, as usual!

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