Big Youth, Sanata Davis & Chinna Smith

This photo was taken under the mango tree in Chinna’s yard after Sunsplash in 1995. Big Youth had performed and Santa Davis was playing with Big Mountain. After the festival was over they both had stopped by Chinna’s house to catch up on what was going on and to reminisce about the old Soul Syndicate days, those were some great for sure. Jah Youth had put on an incredible high energy performance at Sunsplash playing hits like Ten Against One, Hit The Road Jack, Every Nigger Is A Star, Golden Jubilee, Dread Inna Babylon, Mama Look, Jim Screechy and more. Santa and his hard-hitting style always sound good no matter who he is playing with.

2 comments on “Big Youth, Sanata Davis & Chinna Smith”

  1. Tks fi dat..
    Santa’s yard must be a theater..after seeing the inna the yard dvd collection, i came to the conclusion that this man is more than a big musician..
    Blessing from Africa..seen

  2. Soffy for my mistake but read Chinna’s yard

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