Sunsplash Crowd

The crowd at the 14th annual Reggae Sunsplash in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 1991.

This was taken shortly after sunrise the morning after Dancehall night and they said the crowd for that night was around 40,000, a record back then. I had never seen such a big crowd at Splash before, I remember how hard it was to move around out in the crowd, something that was not usually a problem. Performers included Shabba Ranks, Charlie Chaplin, Capelton, Pincers, Tony Rebel, Cutty Ranks, Papa San, Shinehead, Reggie Stepper, Nardo Ranks & Doug E. Fresh. Shinehead was performing at daybreak, he had the crowd worked up to a frenzy when he jumped down into the audience. During his decent into the crowd he was stripped of his gold jewelry he was wearing on his wrists and when he finally made it back onstage ask for its return, am not sure if he got it back. I did get the whole episode on film.


3 comments on “Sunsplash Crowd”

  1. Great depth of field in this pic and loved the Shinehead anecdote!

  2. I simply love this can easily see all the issues raised in reggae songs on these faces..
    Blessings from Africa..seen

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