Gregory Isaacs

July 21st 1990, Gregory Isaacs gets ready to go onstage with Dennis Brown at Reggae Sunsplash. The Cool Ruler is one of my favorites and was one performer I always looked forward to, his Jamaica shows seemed to have a special vibe not repeated elsewhere. Like Dennis Brown, Gregory was a big crowd pleaser, the Jamaican audience knew all the words, singing along to every single song. With such songs as Substitute Lover, Slave Master, Top Ten, Night Nurse, Private Beach Party, Soon Forward, My Number One, he could do no wrong, the crowd would just go insane. Gregory had already performed earlier in the evening for Singers Night and right before this picture was taken he was on his way to join Dennis Brown onstage to sing his hit Raggamuffin (Big All Around). The duo was also joined by John Holt, Freddie McGregor, Maxi Priest and others for an all-star finale.

One comment on “Gregory Isaacs”

  1. Think Gregory was going to sing “Big All Around” with Dennis. “Raggamuffin” is by Dennis and Freddie McGregor.

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