Sugar Minott, The Godfather of Dancehall, 1956-2010

Sugar Minott, the Godfather of Dancehall music, outside at his studio in Kingston.

Sugar was a great singer and entertainer as well as a reggae legend. He was one of those people who despite his legendary status was really just a regular guy. I remember hanging out backstage at shows in NYC and just talking out everyday events like anyone else, then poof, he was off to go onstage to perform. In 1998 I was privileged to have him over my apartment in New York to shoot photo’s for his Nice It Up: The Best of Sugar Minott CD that VP was putting out. He came over by himself and we just hung out smoked some herb and reasoned a bit and then started to shooting pictures, it was pure niceness. Sugar also had a good sense of humor, several years ago I stopped by his studio in Kingston just to pay a visit. We were outside when I commented on the Augustus Pablo painting on the studio wall of stars, I told him it was painted after my photo of Pablo, he was surprised and said “OK as long as you don’t sue me, all right?”. Sugar died Saturday night of an apparent heart attack in Kingston, he was 54. He did indeed have a Good Thing Going, his voice and humor will be surely missed by all. My prayers go out to his wife and family.


3 comments on “Sugar Minott, The Godfather of Dancehall, 1956-2010”

  1. Thanks for the great pic and the anecdotes. I also worked with Sugar, he could be a little tricky like a lot of artists, but it was always a pleasure and when he was at the microphone, you really felt that you were in the presence of someone very special indeed.

  2. A legend has passed. I had the privilege of seeing Sugar Minott perform live several times. Herbman Hustling!

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