Tree House in Kingston

I had this friend, I forget his exact circumstances, I think his mother may have thrown him out of the house or something but he found himself homeless. The streets of Kingston can be a rough place in general, but living on them is a different story altogether. Instead of sleeping in the streets he thought it would be safer to live off the streets, up in a tree. He used a door he found as a bed and made a roof out of cardboard boxes. His clothes and some other possessions hung from the branches and he had bucket to wash with all up in the tree. A few years later I was in Negril on the beach one night and heard someone call out “Bryaan” , it was him. We drank a few Red Stripes and he updated me on what was going on and how he now has his life back together. I was really glad to see him after all this time and also for the chance to talk about the good times we all had in Kingston, he was always a good youth. He is now living in Japan.

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