Chinna Smith & Junior Delgado

Two roots reggae legends, guitarist Earl”Chinna”Smith and Junior Delgado with chalice in hand jam at Chinna’s house in Kingston.

Chinna and Jux had been friends since the early 70’s, both working for Lee “Scratch” Perry at one time. Whenever Jux was in Kingston he was always at Chinna’s. Chinna is a guitarist who loves jamming with friends and fellow musicians who stop by from all over the world to play “Inna di yard”. I’ve witnessed guitar playing from sun-up till well after midnight and it’s always a beautiful sound. Once Gado said to me “Bri, u mus come visit me if ur in Englan sometime”. Well I really don’t get to the UK much but about a year later I did find myself in England, via Amsterdam with friend of mine . We went to visit my best friend from college who lived outside of London. It turns out she wouldn’t be home till the next day, so we ended up wandering the streets. After a long day of walking around London in the rain sight-seeing and going to the museum it was now evening with nothing else to do. Remembering what Gado said to me, I said “Hey lets look up Gado, I got his phone number”. I called his studio and he was actually there, and needless to say he was very surprised to hear from me. We got directions, turns out we were within walking distance so we hurried over in the pouring rain. He had a pretty big place and was working on tunes for his new album Freedom Has Its Price, he played us some tracks and we hung out and talked a while before we had to head back out into the rain. A year or so later in 1998, I again ran into him at Chinna’s, he was in Jamaica pressing the Freedom Has Its Price LP. I took this photo in Chinna’s living room during that visit, two friends, musicians, just jamming.

One comment on “Chinna Smith & Junior Delgado”

  1. Lovely moment, beautifully captured

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