Ken Boothe and Friends

By: Brian Jahn

Jun 11 2010

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Category: Bob Marley, Dancehall, Jamaica, Kingston, Rasta, Reggae music, Rocksteady, Ska, Sound System, Trench Town


Focal Length:17mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

I’ve known Ken Boothe for almost 20 years now and when in Kingston I always make sure to pay him a visit. “Mr.Rocksteady” as he’s also called has always been known for his dapper style and flashy clothes but here he is, as he called it “in my natural state”. For a genuine rocksteady icon he’s a very humble, natural and pretty much just a regular guy. A star but without any of the star attitude. This photo was shot a few months back.

(3/2/10) – I got Short Man to give us a ride over to Ken’s place, he was cooking when we arrived, Ken loves to cook, mixed vegetables over toast, was pretty good. We all ate and talked a bit when Warrior King and some friends stopped by. He was leaving the following day to go on tour in France so stopped to check Ken before he left. We were all sitting outside when Ken asked me to take a picture of all of them. Someone them made a comment to Ken about him not being dressed up, he replied “Is OK, he’s my bredrin, he can get me in my natural state” , then I shot the picture. (Also pictured to Kens right: Paul, Carlton, Desmond & Short Man)

3 comments on “Ken Boothe and Friends”

  1. Lovely moment and the wide-angle lens works perfectly here

  2. ohmygod! i love ken boothe’s music so much, for me he is one of the best in jamaica, and now i’m so in love with this humble person! this man is brilliant! cheers from brasil and congratulations to your wonderful work!

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