The Skatalites in the studio

Keeping with the horn player theme. Tommy McCook goes over some music with Roland Alphonso and Will Clark, the legendary Skatalites in the studio during the recording of their Greetings From Skamania CD in September of 1995. This shoot was a lot of fun for me. I have known the Skatalites for a long time and had seen them perform dozens of times but I never had the opportunity to be in the studio and see how they work, was a great experience.

5 comments on “The Skatalites in the studio”

  1. Great pictures Brian, I bought your book on reggae many years ago. Can I have one request? Please can put the date or year on each entry, will help define the context, many thanks

    • Thanks, hope you enjoyed the book. I am including dates when I have the exact dates written down in my notes. Unfortunately I did not take notes on everything so some I’m not exactly sure, sometimes early or late 80’s-90’s is best I can do. I am keeping better notes these days lol.

  2. Great shot!
    The Greetings From Skamania sessions were from September 21 to 25, 1995.

    • Thanks for refreshing my memory Brian, as you can see I was just trying to figure out when we were there. I got some great shots and good memories from that session.

  3. I don’t know why, but the mood of that session just grasp me..Tks for this.. I always pay tribute to the skatalites….The true foundation, that’s where REGGAE starts from..SKATALITES
    Blessings from Africa..seen

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