DeeJay at Jammy’s Studio

A DeeJay at Jammy’s studio (whose name escapes me) all dressed in black enjoys a smoke. When I was living in Kingston I used to try to get down to King Jammy’s studio once or twice a week to hang out and shoot pictures of the daily happenings. I did a LOT of sitting around waiting for something or someone interesting. The good thing was there was never a shortage of people who wanted to get their picture taken. Back then I was shooting mostly black & white film which was in limited supply, so sometimes I would just shoot off one or two frames. I never did run out of film, or as they say in Jamaica “flims”. Every month or so someone would bring down some film from New York and then take my shot film back to be developed but those trips were always unpredictable at best.


2 comments on “DeeJay at Jammy’s Studio”

  1. AMAZING picture! really beautiful, I do a lot of photography myself and this one’s great. wEll done!

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