Musician in his shop

I was in hanging out in Waterhouse one day shooting some pictures when I was approached by this guy who said he was a singer. He had seen my camera and ask me to come by his “shop” and take his picture, so I did. I’m not sure what his shop was all about since there was nothing at all really for sale, it was just him listening to music, playing his guitar. The one thing that caught my eye was how clean the place was, as you can see the broom leaning up against the shelf, the place was spotless. When I started photographing in Jamaica ages ago people would always tell me what hard time I was going to have getting pictures of people. In many cases, like this one, when someone sees my camera, they will usually just walk up to me and ask me to take their photo. This happened again just a few weeks ago, I had stopped by Harry Joseph’s on Grove road to buy some Soursop juice and this old guy out front on a bicycle ask me to shoot a picture of him so I did, got a great shot. I showed to him, he laughed and gave me the thumbs up.

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