Jah Cure

By: Brian Jahn

Apr 24 2010

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Category: City, Jamaica, Kingston, Rasta, reggae, Reggae music, Roots Reggae, Sound System

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Focal Length:37mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

9/12/07 – Extremely hot today. Going over to Berres’s studio at 10 to shoot Jah Cure. I ended up waiting for about an hour before Cure and his 8 other bredrin showed up. Did some shots in the studio voicing booth but after about 15 minutes he was looking bored so we had to go outside and “Wait for di food mon dem to come”, which would take well over an hour. I figured I could get some shots hanging out outside while we waited for food. The food guy eventually arrives in his minivan packed with cook pots of all sizes, red snapper, rice n peas, ital stew, cow foot and other cow things, this guy had it all. The driver gets out and puts on a crisp clean white apron and started to dish food out to everyone. I had the steamed fish with rice n peas. Shot more pictures as we ate and when everyone was done we headed over to the Stone Love headquarters for some more photo’s. There was as great afternoon light by now, so we did a few more shots before we decided that was enough for the day.

This was shot about a month after his release from prison and was for a story that appeared in Vibe magazine.

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