Girl Under Waterfall At Cane River

A girl bathes under a waterfall at Cane River in St. Andrews.

Bob Marley included Cane River in the first line of his song Trench Town, “Up a Cane River to wash my dreads, upon a rock I rest my head”. Cane River has also been called Jamaica’s Grand Canyon because of the large rock formations there. It was during the great earthquake of 1692 that caused a big landslide which makes Cane River what it is today. This part is not the main falls, but a smaller one up further on the rocks. There is a 19th century engraving that features Cane River with people at the bottom and it looks the same back then as it does today. Cane river was also said the be a favorite spot of the legendary pirate Three-Fingered Jack who was killed not far from this area in 1780.

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