The Messenger

The Messenger live at Reggae Sunsplash. Luciano around the mid 90’s.

In a few short years Luciano became a pretty big performer, his positive message and uplifting lyrics earned him the name “The Messenger”. In June 1995 Island Jamaica did an artist showcase at the beachfront Lolly Pop club outside of Montego Bay featuring the group Foundation and Luciano. After Foundation performed Luciano went onstage and after about 3-4 songs he stops and announces, to the surprise of the Island Jamaica label execs and the press, that he was retiring from music to go up into the hills to “Itate” (meditate) as he said, he then walked off stage not to perform for several months. The faces on the audience and record execs was shock to say the least, it was big new for quite a while. But he did come back to make some more great music.

One comment on “The Messenger”

  1. big all round luciano love you!!!!

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