Who is this singer?

(Monday: 1/28/92) I was coming back from meeting with Michael Rose to discuss my book and also had to stop by New Name studio in Kingston to shoot photos of Noel Brownie (musician/producer). Hung out a while and did some photos of other singers and deejays that were around. I already shot a few new artist when producer Castro Brown comes up to me and says ” Bryaan, you mus get some shots of mi new singer, he’s gonna be the next Bob Marley.” That’s a phrase I was hearing quite often about any number of different singers at the time, everybody was the next Bob. When he played me a some tunes he was working on, my ears perked up, he was pretty good, had an amazing voice, but I was skeptical about the whole Bob thing. He was outside so I went did a few shots of him, talked a bit and mentioned he did some tailoring and made the outfit he was wearing. He had just started his recording career around this time and It wasn’t until about three years later that he would actually bust out and become pretty big performer. If you know who this pre-dreadlocked performer is, feel free to leave a comment, or wait a few days and I will post a later shot of this mystery performer.

8 comments on “Who is this singer?”

  1. A young Barrington Levy?

  2. Barrington never had dread to my knowledge. Luciano!

  3. this is not barrigton levy… the date is 1/28/92, barrington was young in the 80s hehehe… but i don’t know who is the singer 😦

  4. looks like Luciano to me!

  5. Luciano. No doubt about it. LOVE your photos Brian!

  6. Thanks all, nuff more to come ….

  7. the messenger lucciano !!!

  8. this is luciano for sure another great profit i love this brother man style and music

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