Babylon By Bus

Bob Marley’s VW bus rests in a Trench Town yard surrounded by a few friends.

They say Bob used this very bus in the 70’s to drive to gigs in Jamaica, pick up the kids from school and other daily tasks. The bus had been sitting here for years and has since been moved from this location, it now sits in the Bob Marley Culture Yard under a roofed structure. One morning we were in Trench Town shooting some photo’s for a CD project when I decided to do a kind of group portrait around the bus. I forget everyone who is in this picture (forgive me) but from what I remember it’s Ziggy Soul, Kiddus-I, Mikey, Massive Dread, Bobby, Simba, Delroy, Ferdie, Raphael and of course original Wailer’s guitarist Earl”Chinna”Smith.

Does anyone else think the bus should be restored back to its original state?

3 comments on “Babylon By Bus”

  1. Amazing photo.
    Honestly, I would consider that VW as priceless as any other work of art in the world.
    Like a Stradivarius.
    I would pay any sum to restore that bus to proper shape.

    thanks for sharing the photo.


  2. Incredible pic! This photoblog is amazing. Keep them coming…

  3. Hello Brian,
    You have many marvelous photos but this has to be my favourite. Also in this shot is Delroy Fowlin (Bronco Knowledge), Raphael Smith and Ferdie Bent. I hope you don’t mind but I printed and laminated a copy of this photo to send to Culture Yard. I’m involved with the Reading Centre and was sending a package of photos that I had taken and thought it would be nice for the guys in the yard to have a copy of your shot. Apparently they were really thrilled to receive it and would like to have some more copies. Is it ok with you if I do some copies to take over when I go in February?
    I was also thinking that perhaps you have some more shots that you would like to send.
    Once again, I love your work and have subscribed to your blog, thanks for sharing your images and experiences,

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