Culture At Work

Joseph Hill putting a clamp on a speaker box he was building for his sound system.

When not on tour with Culture he also ran a sound system in Jamaica, Chanel 7, which he would take to play various little towns in the Jamaican countryside. A sound system dance in the country is always a lot of fun since not much entertainment gets up into the hills and it brings people out from miles around to dance into the next morning. Most of these small towns have no running water or electricity so a visit from a sound system a real treat for sure. Joseph had been a good friend of mine for many, many years and I would always try to drop by his place when in Jamaica, this time when I stopped by he was busy making speakers for the sound system. A few months later he invited me along with him and the Chanel 7 crew to play up at a place way up in the country near the Juan de Bolas mountains called Snake Hill where some of his relatives lived, that’s one trip I’ll never forget. I will be posting pictures from that trip later as well.

4 comments on “Culture At Work”

  1. Interesting story with good human interest

  2. big up to Culture, the great reggae diplomat. wonderful and insightful photo

  3. Inspiring pic of the great Joseph Hill ! We miss him so much ! Pls show us more pics of him and his beautifull family .

  4. BIG UP The Reggae Prophet of Culture The Great Joseph CULTURE Hill. Nuff Thanks For The Wisdom and Upfull Vibes.

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