Jah Is Love, I Love Jah …

By: Brian Jahn

Jan 21 2010

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Category: Jamaica

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There is graffiti all over Kingston like in most any city. I have always tried to photograph it when I see it because there is always some attention-grabbing messages written, it’s mostly political, social, or religious in nature like in this picture. Walking through this alley way in the Water House area of Kingston I saw this writing. It made perfect sense in this ghetto neighborhood, “Love Jah Almighty God and Live…”  &  “God is my light, my salvation, who shall I fear” it was almost like the owner of this yard felt that by having the words painted on his fence it would somehow protect him from the violence that runs through this neighborhood. I used to spend a lot of time photographing in Water House, it was one of those places where there was always some interesting scene unfolding before you.

One comment on “Jah Is Love, I Love Jah …”

  1. Can’t stop photographing graffitis in JA , too…

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